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Medicalis is an international congress designed for students and young health professionals organized exclusively by the students from Iuliu Hațieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy. It takes place every year, in Cluj-Napoca, usually for four days. During these days, there are a lot of things happening, such as conferences, workshops and social events, at several locations, all in close range to each other so that the participants can take full advantage of their time spent at the congress.

Each year, up to six or seven hundred students and young health care professionals come to the congress to broaden their horizons by attending conferences approaching subjects from different fields, improve their skills by participating in workshops ranging from stem cell cultures to emergency medicine and, of course, socialize and create new connections with both Romanian and international participants, speakers and trainers.

Our congress gives both students and doctors the possibility of submitting their own papers, abstracts or posters in order to present their work in various research fields or interesting cases they have come across in front of a jury consisting of renowned specialists and teachers from Cluj-Napoca. The papers, as well as their presentation, are carefully analyzed and ranked, the best ones receiving awards at the Closing Ceremony.

We have grown in the last few years, by bringing more international speakers and enlarging our spectrum of workshops and conferences, by choosing themes and speakers that are involved in cutting edge research, by promoting an interdisciplinary approach to medicine (we have had speakers that are not medical doctors, but engineers and physicists) and by balancing the intellectual and social activities. Our ultimate goal is to bring together many people, from different cultures, showing interest in diverse fields, in order to facilitate the exchange of information and the forging of friendships and connections between people who are invested and dedicated to learning more and gaining new perspectives.

Each year we strive to make a congress better than the last with dedication and ambition. We hope to meet many of the people who have become regulars at our congress as well as new wonderful people in our 23rd edition, so we encourage you to join us as soon as registrations open!

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