Can I switch from being an active participant to a passive participant and vice-versa?

Yes, if you bought the second option ticket, you can become an active participant by submitting your abstract by the 8th of April and mentioning in that e-mail that your initial ticket was for being a passive participant. You can become a passive participant if your abstract doesn’t pass the selection or if you choose not to submit one anymore. Should you choose not to submit an abstract, notifying us via an e-mail at [email protected] would be much appreciated.

Can I still come to the gala if I didn’t get buy a ticket in the my initial purchase?

Yes, by buying a Gala Dinner ticket before the registration period ends.

I’m a medical professional. How can I sign up?

Medical professionals can sign up by purchasing an OPTION 2 ticket and by writing an e-mail at [email protected], in which they mention their staus (resident, specialist, university afiliation/position).